Marita Holdaway at Photo Center NW in September

The work of Cheryl Hanna-Truscott, “At the Visiting Window” (Photo Center Alumni)

Excellent news. Marita Holdaway is coming back to the Photo Center this fall for talks on professional issues for artists. Really can’t say enough good things about her insights except “to be there” if getting into galleries and learning the ropes of professional art making matter to you.


Getting Your Work Out There

September 22 & 23, 10 am ­ 5 pm Fee: $225
This weekend workshop, outlined in Marita’s Friday evening talk, will be an
in depth look at what one needs to be successful in promoting one’s artwork.
Resume writing, finding appropriate venues, pricing your art and creating a
cohesive portfolio are a few of the topics that will be covered. Learn what
it takes to become a professional artist!

“I’ve made all of this art, now what do I do?”
Marita Holdaway, Consultant
Friday, September 21, 6:30 pm
Tickets: $10, $8 Members, PURCHASE TICKETS
Marita Holdaway, known for her fast and informative talks, will be covering
many aspects of how to attain success when promoting your art! You may want
to bring a tape recorder to capture all the information you will receive in
this talk.


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