Harriet Platts Launch Project

Harriet Platts web site

Working with Harriet Platts set new standards for excellence in being a great client. Harriet loves life and makes every minute count in the best of ways. For her own creations on the site, we created the “studio” where she can upload her iphone videos or share her latest still images.

We developed a new logo for her which she loves and now uses on stationery as well as her web site. I loved teasing out subtle imagery to compliment her themes which are both serious and playful.

When we were coming up with images for the static pages, she decided to use her own feet. I always encourage clients to quote themselves nowadays as there seems to be a virus going around the web when it comes to quotes. If you don’t want to quote yourself, then who the heck are you anyway?

Harriet is one of many ongoing clients who I work with on various web and marketing projects.